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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Caroler's Street lamp

                       I finished up making the old fashioned street lights for my Christmas Carolers. 
This is a picture of my little carolers standing under the light singing 
their hearts out in 106 degree temperature.  
I whipped up 6 of them today.  
This is the only one decorated so tomorrow I will work on finishing the rest standing here in my foyer.
Pat was my electrician.  Son Mike helped put all the holes in the bottom of the lanterns for the light socket.  Son Steve helped me finalize the structure and I did all the painting and decorating.  
These will be at my bazaar in November.  I love them.  It is still so hot here.  
I believe when I was working in the garage this afternoon it was 110 degrees.  
Please send us rain and cooler weather. 
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Monday, August 15, 2011

Anniversary Lunch and Anniversary Dinner

On Monday, August 8th, Pat took me to lunch at "Capitol Grill" at the Shops at Legacy. It was our anniversary.  We had a wonderful lunch along with a free glass of champagne.  I got to take home the red rose laying on the table. 
On Monday night the 15th we went out to dinner with our dear friends, Bob and Julie.  On August 16th they will celebrate their 43rd anniversary.  We try to celebrate each year together.  Bob & Julie leave on the 17th to go to Hawaii for 2 weeks.  They will be spending time visiting with their daughter Kerrie and her family. 
We are still in the 100 plus degrees here in McKinney.  
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Monday, August 1, 2011

Seifried Family Reunion

We all gathered in Carroll, IA on the 24th of July. 
Anne and Pete Collison were our hosts.  
The weather was  perfect and all had a great time.  
Enjoy the pictures. 
This is a picture of my mom in the middle with all the Grandchildren. Missing from this picture are Ange Fitzgerald,Mike Fitzgerald and Matt Malm. 
They did not attend because of work.  
Total of 18 Grandchildren.
This is a picture of my mom with all the Great Grandchildren.  
Sage Fitzgerald is missing.  
There are a total of 36 Great Grandchildren!

This is a picture of my mom with her six children.  
Left to Right: Bonnie, Cherie, Sheila, Gary, Cindy and Marcia sitting on bench by Mom. 
 We are trying to stay cool here in Texas.  
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