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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

This and That

Last week I worked out of my scrap fabric bag.  
I saw this quilt pattern on a blog and decided that I had lots of scrappy fabric strips.  
So I ironed them all and began putting them together.
You start with a 10 inch piece of muslin and center your 
main fabric and then start sewing other strips to it.  
I trimmed all the squares to 9.5 inches.  
I ended up with 36 squares.  This week 
I am going to get them laid out and get them sewn.  
 We left for Webster City on Friday morning for Pat's Aunt Rita's funeral.  
This is a picture of  his siblings that attended the funeral on Saturday.  
 Saturday after the funeral in Webster City we drove to Thor, IA 
to meet several of Pat's classmates for dinner.  
We spent Saturday night with Rich and Connie Benjamin.   
Sunday morning before leaving for Omaha we played several hands of "500". 
It was the girls against the guys and we ended up in a tie.  So until next time! 
Connie has a rhubarb patch and she shared enough so I could make a pie.  
We arrived back in McKinney on Tuesday afternoon and 
as you can see below I made a pie for dinner tonight.  Yummy!!!
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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Father's Day

 Michael and Theresa hosted our Father's Day Brunch.  
We were welcomed with a Mimosa.
 Deb brought a Salmon Hash.  So delicious.  
I am going to have to get the recipe.
 I was asked to bring the Sticky Cinnamon Buns. 
They were fresh out of the oven!
 Michael and Theresa made two different egg dishes.  
One with sausage and one without.  Both were equally yummy.
This is a great family picture.  
We have some good looking grandsons!
 Daughter Ange with Mom.
 Deb and I in the kitchen.  
And last but not least, Pat and I.  
Happy Father's Day Pat.  
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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Lunch with the Marcia and Colin

We met Marcia, my sister, and her husband Colin for lunch last Friday.  
Tim Love the famous chef from Fort Worth opened a new restaurant 
called "Queenies" in downtown Denton.  He named it after his Mother.  
Pat and Colin ordered a pasta, sausage & mushroom dish 
and Marcia and I ordered the tenderloin sandwich.  
I won't be ordering that again.  
The guys liked their dish.  
Marcia received a Silhouette machine for Christmas and 
has been doing wonderful things with it. 
She presented me with a birthday gift.  
Fitzgerald (mirror image).    
Thanks Marcia and thank you for stopping by...