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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Bazaar Crafts and Jack's 12th Birthday

 Here are a few of the Christmas Balls 
for hanging on doors.
All they need now is a big bow on the top. 
 This was a fun craft.
We celebrated Jack's birthday last Saturday night.  
His folks hosted the party at their new house.  
He told me he is now a preteen!!!  We love this guy.  
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Saturday, October 19, 2013

More Bar Harbor, L.L. Bean and Kennebunkport

We always find a great Irish Bar to spend time in on our trips.  
Having lunch with a wonderful view while waiting for our ship to come in.
  We took a cruise on this 4 masted schooner around the islands.  

 Another Cruise ship docked at Bar Harbor

 This was the schooner's mascot.  A wonderful Newfoundler.
It was a little chilly out on the bay but the sun was very warm.  

 One of the ship's mates took several pictures of us.  
 This is the L.L.Bean store.  It is open 24 hrs. We did not buy anything, but it was fun 
seeing this big complex of stores.  
 We arrived in Kennebunkport, ME.  This is the Bush house out on the point.  It was a foggy morning.
 Caravan of cars with Barbara Bush in the window of the first car here.  
We think they were taking her to the airport to go back to Texas.   
 I loved these boats sitting in the bay in Kennebunkport.  Next we go to Annapolis, Md.  Thanks for stopping by...

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Bar Harbor, ME

 On the drive up to Maine we saw many many trucks hauling logs.
 Our first night in Bar Harbor we ate at the Fish Company.  
A complete dinner of lobster, corn on the cob, potatoes 
bread and cold slaw was $16.00.  So yummy!!!  
Two couples from Canada sat across from us and they took our picture.  
 The first morning in Bar Harbor we drove up to 
Cadillac Mountain to see the 1st sunrise in America.
 It was chilly but bearable.    
We left our room at 5:30 and arrived on top of the mountain at about 5:50.  
Still a little dark out.  We were one of the first on top of the mountain that morning.
 Many people joined us.  Sunrise that morning was 6:20. 
 Camera's are all getting set up and ready to snap.
 And there it is.  The most beautiful site.  Cheers were heard from the crowd.
 This is a view from our room.  We stayed at Wonder View Inn.  
This is another view from our room.  
In the distance, on the water, you can see a cruise ship to the right.  
Several dock here each day.  What a beautiful spot.  More of Bar Harbor tomorrow.  
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Friday, October 11, 2013

Hersey, PA, New Hope, PA & Newport, RI

 We drove to Hershey, PA to tour the Hershey Museum and satisfy our taste buds for CHOCOLATE!!!
 We then drove to New Hope, PA.  We stayed in a Bed & Breakfast called Pineapple Hill.  You can see the house on their website.  That evening we had dinner at "Marsha Browns".  Pat had Lamb chops and I had Chowder.  Breakfast the next morning was fresh fruit served in a tea cup and saucer, stuffed french toast, bacon and coffee.  Delicious!!!
 Pineapple Hill Bed & Breakfast is on the Delaware River.    This is the place where where George Washington crossed the Delaware which was near our B&B.
 A stone house on the site of the crossing.
 This is a beautiful tree on the grounds.
   Going to Newport, RI   We stayed at Admiral Farragut's house.  We found that Newport was very congested.  Houses were practically right on the street.  Just a sidewalk between houses and streets.    
 We went to Buskers Irish Pub for lunch.  Walked around and did some shopping. 
 The next three pictures are taken while we were dining on the patio of the "Mooring".  
 The sun was going down as this Sail Boat was going out into the bay.
 Another picture of the sunset in Newport, RI
 We stopped for a Lobster Roll at the Portland Lobster Co.  
 Pat at the counter picking up our Lobster Roll and Clam Chowder.
Lobster boats. We are leaving Portland, ME and going to our destination Bar Harbor, ME.
  I will continue our trip tomorrow.  Thanks for stopping by...

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Kentucky & Ohio

 We stopped and visited the Maker's Mark Distillery on our way through Kentucky.  
This is the first liquor store in America.
 The owners home sitting up on the hill.
 Most Bourbon is made in Kentucky because of the water.  
This is a little stream coming down from the lake in the mountains onto the property.
 Distilling Whiskey.  See the bubbles.  This is a huge wooden vat that is probably 20 feet deep.

 A stop off for coffee on our way to Lancaster, Ohio,
 It was such beautiful country.
 Our hosts at the Bed &Breakfast in Lancaster, PA were in the Peace Corps.  
This is a painting hanging in our room done by an elephant.  Very colorful.
 The garages at the Bed & Breakfast in Lancaster.
 A picture of our Bed & Breakfast.  A lovely home with a wrap around porch.
 While Pat was setting up the computer, I sat out on the porch on this swing.  
It was a wonderful day.  While sitting out there, an Amish buggy and horse went by with a woman in it.  
The horse was so pretty.  I wished I had my camera.
 Another section of the porch to enjoy.  Pat and I went to some wineries,did some tasting and bought a bottle of wine.  Then on to dinner at The Fireside Tavern.  When we were parking the car to go into the restaurant the same horse and buggy went by on the road.  Again no camera.  
We woke up to this breakfast the next morning.  It was an egg souffle, ham, sauteed sweet potatoes and banana bread.  Sara even served us dessert.  Too much food for breakfast.  

This house was across the street from our Bed & Breakfast.  
It was so nicely painted.  Very Pennsylvanian...

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Trip to Maine...

 We left McKinney, TX Saturday morning on the 21st of September and headed for Olive Branch, MS to spend the day and night with Doug, Anne and Josie Fitzgerald.  Saturday night Anne fixed a great meal for us and on Sunday we went to brunch at the "Beauty Shop" in Memphis.
The meals were delicious.
Doug's eggs benedict.
Pat's lox and bagel.
 Josie sitting under one of the old time hair dryers.
 Then on to Nashville on Sunday afternoon.
 We enjoyed the music at the Silver Dollar Saloon.
 We visited Lincoln's birthplace in Kentucky.
 This picture was in the Lincoln museum.
 The cabin that he was born in is inside this grand building.
 This is an underground spring that was the source of their water supply.
Cabin on the Lincoln property.