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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Wool Lap quilts

Two more projects almost done.  I just have to go to the store and find some flannel for the backs.  These will be finished soon and ready for giftgiving.  
Today we are staying around home.  Pat is going to watch  football and I will be finishing up some more projects.  Golf on Friday was great. It was 75 degrees. I have a tee time for next Friday but it doesn't look promising.  Temps are only going to be in the 50's this week and wouldn't you know when I want to golf on Friday it is only going to be 44!
Thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jake's Quilt

One more project done this week.  Going golfing tomorrow so I need to step it up.  
I picked up this quilt top at a Goodwill store a long time ago.  I think it was $4.  This quilt is going to Jake in Omaha.   
I have the binding on this quilt so tonight while watching TV I will sew it down.  Just a little nine patch pattern!
More of the Number pillows are down with the shirt backings.  These are big at Pottery Barn.  So easy to make and a 10th of the cost.  Letters will be next.  Oh and what do you think of a Question Mark and an Explanation Point??!!
These little cross stitch hearts were in my stash of projects left over from a quilt I made.  I had 4 of these little squares left and decided to make them into hearts.  Abbie and Reese are getting two of them in their box I am sending out today.  I added a little red ribbon hanger to theirs. 
More little hearts I found in my sewing center that needed to be stuffed. I will slip stitch them shut tonight and add some buttons and they will be ready to add to my basket of Valentine Hearts.  My sewing center is getting cleaned out!!!
I also found one more Sisters pillow that needed stuffing.  Upon taking inventory I find that I have to make a few more Family pillows.  I only have one left.  That will be a project for next month. 

These two pillows are my last project from this week. They needed to be stuffed.  I ordered these years ago from Terry's Village.  Now they are ready to go on the brass bed when I get all of my bazaar pillows put away.  
Happy Trails to you.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Birthday wishes

Last night we celebrated Michael and Theresa's Birthdays.  Here they are about ready to blow out their candles.
The weekend went by fast.  I guess that was because we were busy.  Friday night Pat and I went to "Baileys" for a Prime Martini and a glass of wine after he got off work.  Saturday morning we went to the grocery store and then went to see the movie "No Strings Attached".  It is a really cute movie.  Saturday afternoon Jack's basketball game was at 2PM.  Saturday night we grabbed a bite to eat at "Delaney's" before going to Sam's game at 7PM.  Sunday I spent most of the morning in the sewing room and then around 3PM I started getting ready for our Birthday Dinner Party.   It was fun having everyone here for dinner and catching up on all the goings on in the family.  It was a great way to start the new week.  Tonight we are going to have Salmon for dinner so I have that marinating in the Refrigerator.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Sunday, January 23, 2011


This is one of several pillows I am making.  I will now show you the back of the pillow!
It is the front of a man's shirt.  See the pocket.  I need to figure out what to put in the pocket.  
Something really clever.  Anyone have any suggestions?  I have an "5" and a "&" in the making.  I want to make several letters and more numbers in hopes that they will sell at the Bazaar next November.
Today we are celebrating Michael and Theresa's birthdays.  They requested the Leeky Linquini Shrimp dish along with Caesar Salad and Crusty bread.  Everyone is coming over at 5 to start celebrating.  
Thanks for stopping by.  More pillows to come. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

I'm Back!

This is a picture of our friend accepting the quilt made out of her son's shirts.  It turned out so great!  The pattern is Turning 20. 
We have three birthdays in January and we are celebrating 2 of them on Sunday evening here for dinner.  They requested the Leeky Linquini Shrimp dish.  So I am off to the grocery store to get the fixin's.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Monday, January 10, 2011

Shirt Quilt

Here is the quilt top for our friend who lost her son before Christmas.  The pattern is Turn 20.  I love how it came out.  Now to get it quilted and bound.  She is going to love it.  We are going to back it with flannel.  

I promised in my blog yesterday that I would show you my Christmas gift from my sister, Marcia.  I love it.  Thanks again Marcia.

Last night while watching TV I finished these pillows.  Some of them also say "Friends".  I sell these at my bazaar.  The ones in the back are bordered with a brown fabric and they are a little larger than the ones in front.  
I have changed out the poinsettia for the heart.  You can see all the snow we have here in McKinney.  It is beautiful.  The beauty of that is it will all be gone by Thursday or Friday when the temp is supposed to be in the 40's and 50's.  I have started decorating for Valentine's Day.
A basket of heart pillows.
My garland of hearts on the fireplace.

 My Valentine Table Topper.

 I made several of these Heart Pillows.  They each have an antique button in the center.  I love buttons!
Well it is official.  We got 4" in snow in our backyard! 

Thanks for stopping by. 

Sunday, January 9, 2011

It's Snowing!!!

Today we woke up to rain and by noon it was snowing these big flakes.  I think we are predicted to get 2 to 4 inches.  The kids are going to love this rare occurrence.  Here are some pictures of our backyard.

It looks like we already have a couple of inches.  It is supposed to continue to snow until around 6PM.  It is only 1:30 so maybe we will be getting more than 4 inches. 
We met Marcia, my sister, and her husband Colin last night over at Legacy Shops in Plano. We had dinner at Seasons 52.  It was our Christmas Celebration.  I got a beautiful monogramed pillow from Marcia.  I will take a picture to show you at a later date.  Thanks Marcia I love it.  
I will keep you posted on how many inches of snow we get.  Thanks for stopping by. 

Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's projects!

On Wednesday I cleaned out my Sewing Center of all the projects that need to be completed before Golf Season starts in March. My first project was this quilt.  I did the center in a class at the local quilt shop a couple of years back.  It measured 28 x 32.  I added several borders and now it's the size of a lap quilt. 

Here are several other projects I will show you that are waiting in the wings to be completed. 

I guess I can table these little pumpkins for a while since I won't need them until October.


I had several of these red and white blocks and decided to make baskets out of them.  I have 16 of these basket blocks and the project now is appliqueing flowers in the baskets.   

 I used to cross stitch when my eyes were younger!  I made an alphabet sampler every year for our Granddaughter. Some of them are framed but I am thinking I will take them out of the frames and put them all in a quilt.  
The pile on the left is fabric for a Red Hat Quilt.  There are about 12 of us gals that all moved to McKinney around the same time and we all joined the Newcomer's Club.  After dropping out of Newcomer's we all wanted to stay in touch so we met each month for lunch, crafts, bowling or bunco.  One month we made quilts out of this Red Hat fabric.  These quilt squares never got put together because the gal moved away before the final instruction meeting on how to put it together.  I need to put it together and quilt it for her.  She will be surprised to receive it in the mail. The quilt kit in the middle is from a good friend in Phoenix.  Hopefully when she visits in March we start on this quilt. The fabric on the right is for the Valentine table toppers that I will be making for our four children as a 2011 Christmas gift along with a Memorial Day/Fourth of July table topper.  This year I gave them 6 seasonal table toppers for Christmas.  I will show them all to you in a future blog.
 Above are wool blocks for a quilt I need to make for my daughter in Pittsburgh.  A couple of years ago I made a wool quilt for my sons who live in Omaha and Seattle.  My daughter fell in love with the quilts and wanted one.   I told her living in Texas is no place for a wool quilt.  Well now that she has moved to the northeast I guess I need to make her one.  Those little blue and yellow squares are leftover from the "I Spy" quilt I made the granddaughters in Omaha.  The fabric packet bottom left was on sale and I do love the colors but I think I have enough on my plate right now so will put this fabric away until a later date.  
So here is my cleaned out sewing center.  Now I need to get started on my many projects.  Wish me luck!
Happy New Year.  Thanks for stopping by.