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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Jake's Quilt

One more project done this week.  Going golfing tomorrow so I need to step it up.  
I picked up this quilt top at a Goodwill store a long time ago.  I think it was $4.  This quilt is going to Jake in Omaha.   
I have the binding on this quilt so tonight while watching TV I will sew it down.  Just a little nine patch pattern!
More of the Number pillows are down with the shirt backings.  These are big at Pottery Barn.  So easy to make and a 10th of the cost.  Letters will be next.  Oh and what do you think of a Question Mark and an Explanation Point??!!
These little cross stitch hearts were in my stash of projects left over from a quilt I made.  I had 4 of these little squares left and decided to make them into hearts.  Abbie and Reese are getting two of them in their box I am sending out today.  I added a little red ribbon hanger to theirs. 
More little hearts I found in my sewing center that needed to be stuffed. I will slip stitch them shut tonight and add some buttons and they will be ready to add to my basket of Valentine Hearts.  My sewing center is getting cleaned out!!!
I also found one more Sisters pillow that needed stuffing.  Upon taking inventory I find that I have to make a few more Family pillows.  I only have one left.  That will be a project for next month. 

These two pillows are my last project from this week. They needed to be stuffed.  I ordered these years ago from Terry's Village.  Now they are ready to go on the brass bed when I get all of my bazaar pillows put away.  
Happy Trails to you.

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  1. My you're a busy one, you make me tired just reading about all the stuff you're doing. Shoot well tomorrow at golf!