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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wine Cork Ponies

I worked on these this afternoon.  I have 12 of them completed.  They are ready to hang on the tree or tie to a package this coming Christmas!
Happy Trails!

Wine Corks

A couple of my friends requested a wine cork wreath.  The past few days I have been working on them and I have two completed and ran out of corks for the big wreath.  Oh NO!  I am going to have to drink more wine???? I used the plastic corks for the base around the outside and inside of the wreaths.  True corks are used for the all over look then. 
I need to go to Michael's and pick up some grapes with my coupons.  Put a big bow on them and they are finished.  
These are some of the plastic corks that I did not use on the wreaths and made little horses.  They will get eyes, a mane and tail made from yarn and a string hanger to become Christmas tree ornaments
I will get these finished and publish a picture later.  Happy Trails!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flat Stanley

This past weekend we entertained Flat Stanley.  Our Great Niece Ella Collison from Carroll, Iowa sent him to us.  Their teacher read them the Flat Stanley book.  We are so happy Ella chose us to help her with this school project.
I took him golfing with me on Friday.  He liked riding in the cart!

We took him to downtown McKinney Friday night for dinner.  Can you see him up on the McKinney sign between the M and c?
Saturday morning we took him to Jack's Basketball game.
He also went to Sam's Basketball Game.
He joined our Dinner Out Club for dinner on Saturday night.  We had a great weekend entertaining Flat Stanley.  He and his "Visit to McKinney Journal" are in the mail to Ella.  It was fun having Flat Stanley here in McKinney and hopefully your classmates will enjoy reading about his adventures here in Texas.
Happy Trails!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Top of the Cupboards

I finished my task of cleaning the cupboards on Friday.  You saw the before picture in my prior blog and here is the look I was going for.  The birdhouses found a new home in Mike and Theresa's kitchen.
I love how it looks so clean and uncluttered uptop now.  
Today I am off to the golf course at 10:30.  Pat is taking me out to dinner tonight.  
HappyValentine's Day!!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Busy week

I have been working all week on my appliqué quilt.  I am trying to get all the flowers and leaves turned under an eighth of an inch so that they are ready for appliquéing to the square. I need to do stems for the flowers.  
Pat worked yesterday and is working today and also has to work Saturday.  Steve is working on Saturday also, so that leaves Tre’ and I to go to the boys basketball games tomorrow. 
Yesterday I got bored with the appliqué project and decided to do a little cleaning in the kitchen.  I washed down half of my cupboards and have the top ones to do today.  I am getting Spring Fever and decided to get into the cleaning mode.  I would like to change the décor on top of the cupboards so I will be contemplating that today.  I am getting tired of the birdhouses. 

Julie got another quilt done for me this week so now just have to sew the binding on.  I went to Walmart the other day and found a queen size flannel sheet set on sale.  This I will use for the backs of the wool quilts that I finished a couple of weeks ago.   It was cheaper than buying flannel by the yard.  The sheets are a red plaid and will look so cute and feel so soft as the quilt backing.

Happy Valentine's Day

These are Grandma Kreb's Sugar Cookies. They melt in your mouth! 
Pat just left for work and I am busy busy busy around the house and also need to run some errands this morning.  Jack has early release from school at noon so my afternoon will be here with him.  The yard men came by this morning and put mulch down in the front and back flower beds.  We are expected to be in the 50's today.  I am so ready for Spring and warm weather.  We moved here 12 years ago from Omaha, Nebraska and this winter reminded me of living up there.  It was recorded as the worst winter down here since 1986.  
Pat made reservations at "Bailey's" for dinner on Monday Night.  What are your plans for Valentine's Day? 
Happy Trails to you! 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Where did the 70's go?

Friday morning we woke up to 6 inches of snow!  Tuesday we had a big ice storm so there is a couple of inches of ice underneath the blanket of snow.   I haven't been out of the house for 4 days.  The sun is out and we are planning on running some errands later this morning. 

Today it is supposed to be 45 and tomorrow the same so we will be melting big time.  Too bad for the Super Bowl crowd that is in town.  Just last week we had 75 degree weather and next weekend we are predicted to be back in the 60's.  Can't wait to get back out on the course.  Wow it sure is pretty.  I can say that knowing we won't have it for very long.  Happy trails to you.