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Friday, February 11, 2011

Busy week

I have been working all week on my appliqué quilt.  I am trying to get all the flowers and leaves turned under an eighth of an inch so that they are ready for appliquéing to the square. I need to do stems for the flowers.  
Pat worked yesterday and is working today and also has to work Saturday.  Steve is working on Saturday also, so that leaves Tre’ and I to go to the boys basketball games tomorrow. 
Yesterday I got bored with the appliqué project and decided to do a little cleaning in the kitchen.  I washed down half of my cupboards and have the top ones to do today.  I am getting Spring Fever and decided to get into the cleaning mode.  I would like to change the décor on top of the cupboards so I will be contemplating that today.  I am getting tired of the birdhouses. 

Julie got another quilt done for me this week so now just have to sew the binding on.  I went to Walmart the other day and found a queen size flannel sheet set on sale.  This I will use for the backs of the wool quilts that I finished a couple of weeks ago.   It was cheaper than buying flannel by the yard.  The sheets are a red plaid and will look so cute and feel so soft as the quilt backing.

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  1. Holy Cow, you have been busy. Get it all done now, golf will be your top priority soon.