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Monday, October 29, 2012

Jack's Birthday Party

We celebrated Jack's Birthday Sunday night.  He turns 11 today.  
The boys have the day off for Teacher conferences.  
His Mom made the cake and decorated it with a big Red "N" and 
corn candy in the shape of an ear of corn for Cornhuskers.  It was really clever.  
He requested "Nana's" Meatloaf along with "Iced Coffee" for desert.  
His mom made the Cheesey Potatoes and Deb prepared his favorite vegetable which is green beans.  
Mike and Theresa brought the salad and ice cream to complete the meal.  

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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Last night we entertained our Dinner Out Club.  There were 12 of us here for appetizers and wine.  
At 7 PM we had reservations at "One Lucky Lizard" in downtown McKinney.  
The food and atmosphere were great.  
Today I will be getting the supplies to make a couple more Hanging Snowman for the front door. 
Last night one of my friends bought the Snowman in the picture of my prior post.  
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Monday, October 22, 2012

Snowman for front door

This is my latest project.   I should have taken this picture on my 
front door rather than the bedroom white door????  
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Almost done!

 This weekend I spent making several signs.  
I have 8 Tree Trimming Signs ready for the Bazaar.
 I also make 8 of the Cider Sippin Signs.
 Made several different sized pumpkins.  
 More pumpkins!
 This is just 2x4's painted, add scrapbook paper and ribbon.
 Looks cute setting on the mantel for Thanksgiving.  
I still have to mark some items and then I will be ready for the Bazaar. 
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Monday, October 15, 2012

Busy around here!!!

 I finished my Book Pumpkins this morning. 
 I have 5 of them ready for the Bazaar.
 This past week I also completed the 15 Candy Canes.  
While in Omaha last month I gathered up some 
Milk Pods and added them to the greenery this year.  
I also whipped up some Pesto this morning.  
My basil bush needed a trim and I want to make Cheesy Pesto Bread
 for my bridge club on Wednesday.  I found the recipe on Pinterest. 
I freeze the Pesto in my muffin pans and then put them in a baggie in the freezer.  
Just the right amount for a pasta dish or the cheesy Pesto Bread.  
 This afternoon I made Paula Dean's pumpkin bars.  
I am trying to get a few items made ahead for Wednesday Bridge.  

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Assembly line for Candy Canes

Steve and I made a trip to Lowe's at noon today for 9 round wooden posts to make 
Candy Canes for the Bazaar.
Out of those 9 posts we made 16 Candy Canes.  
We had an assembly line going.  

Mike always makes a jig for the candy canes.  It is easier to screw them together when he does this.  
The first year we did this it took me to hold the candy canes together while he drilled the holes and then put the screws into the posts.  Too much muscle doing it that way.   
I am so glad he came up with this new method last year.  I am saving the jig for next year.  

You can kind of see the Jig that Mike made for easy assembly. 
 I did have to run to Home Depot for more screws and wood filler. 
 I also picked up some paint brushes for painting.  I am so surprised how far we got today.  
I honestly thought they would have to come back tomorrow to help  me paint the Candy Canes White.   

Here is Theresa sanding the posts after Steve cut them all out and just before Mike assembled them.

I was also sanding the pieces for Mike.

Steve is cutting all the bases for the Candy Canes. 

This is one of the candy canes on its base before we painted it.

Tre' and Theresa are painting the Candy Canes white.  They did a really good job.
I will be painting the red stripes.  I have 16 to do.  Yikes!!!!

Pat went to Papa Murphy's for Pizza around 4:30 and also stopped to  picked up Sam and Jack at their house for dinner.  It was good to celebrate a great work day over pizza and beer!!!
I will be sure to take pictures of the finished projects and post on a later blog.  
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