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Thursday, September 29, 2011

No dogs duty today so let's play!

Our son, Michael, called this morning and said he was staying home from work so we 
did not have to go over to feed Lily and Waverly at 12:30.  
Pat suggested we take a trip down to Lover's Lane in Dallas and enjoy lunch at "Rise no.1".  
We had a fantastic lunch.  I had the Herb and Spicy Sausage Souffle.  Pat had the special of the day which was Crab Souffle.  For dessert we shared the Pumpkin Pie Souffle.  OMG it was so yummy!  
It was a nice break in our day but now back home and doing laundry and working on crafts. 
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

This 'n That

The last time we were in Nebraska I took a picture of this car in front of us at a stop sign.  See the license plate!!!  Dallas Cowboys.  

Today I am going to help a realtor friend of mine with an open house for all the other realtors in the McKinney area.  In the backyard of this house is a pizza oven and I will be baking pizzas.  I will take pictures so come back tomorrow to see how I did.

Last night Pat and I went over to Rosa's Cafe for Taco Tuesday.  The hard shell beef tacos were delicious but the soft shell chicken tacos could have used some seasoning.  We came back home and caught up on some new TV shows that aired this week by way of "On Demand".  
All in all it was a good evening.  
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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Steve and Tre'

Saturday night Mike and Theresa entertained the family for dinner 
to celebrate Steve and Tre's birthday.
Our meal consisted of spaghetti and meat sauce, salad, 
bread and cake and ice cream.  It was so good. 
Here is a picture of the birthday couple.  
Steve's birthday is Sept. 10th and Tre's birthday is the 24th.  
Ange and Sage brought the salad. 
Here is a picture of Michael and Theresa, our hosts.  
Jack and Sam got into the party mood also.  You can't see it very well 
but Jack got his braces this week. 
Today Steve and Michael came over and helped me make 15 Candy Canes 
that I will take a picture of later.  This week is a busy week with Sam's football game on Monday night, my golf tournament on Tuesday and Wednesday duplicate bridge. 
Our couples dinner out group meets on Thursday evening.
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Friday, September 16, 2011


The navy and white quilt I have had completed for some time and was just not ready to attack the binding but I finally looked up on the internet and found out how to bind inside corners.  It took some time but I am really satisfied with the end result.  The tee shirt quilt is for Grandson Sam and I have had the blocks done for several months and just needed to find the right fabric for the sash.  I picked a gray with a little black polka dot.  You can't really see that in the picture.   My friend, Julie, who has a quilting business wants to quilt the tee shirt quilt instead of me tying it. We are going to experiment with that in the next couple of weeks.  A couple of days this week I spent at Julie's house helping her paint her guest bedroom upstairs.  I have also worked in a couple rounds of golf this week.  It has started to cool down so golfing is much more enjoyable.  It was a busy week!

Thanks for stopping by.  Wishing everyone a great weekend!