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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Flat Stanley

This past weekend we entertained Flat Stanley.  Our Great Niece Ella Collison from Carroll, Iowa sent him to us.  Their teacher read them the Flat Stanley book.  We are so happy Ella chose us to help her with this school project.
I took him golfing with me on Friday.  He liked riding in the cart!

We took him to downtown McKinney Friday night for dinner.  Can you see him up on the McKinney sign between the M and c?
Saturday morning we took him to Jack's Basketball game.
He also went to Sam's Basketball Game.
He joined our Dinner Out Club for dinner on Saturday night.  We had a great weekend entertaining Flat Stanley.  He and his "Visit to McKinney Journal" are in the mail to Ella.  It was fun having Flat Stanley here in McKinney and hopefully your classmates will enjoy reading about his adventures here in Texas.
Happy Trails!


  1. How cute is that!!! What a great idea and project. Great picture of you and Pat.

  2. awww i am just seeing this now.. pete and i were in AZ for the past 5 days!!! i cant wait to show ella!!! love you both so much cant wait to see you!! thank you for entertaining Stanley :)