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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wine Corks

A couple of my friends requested a wine cork wreath.  The past few days I have been working on them and I have two completed and ran out of corks for the big wreath.  Oh NO!  I am going to have to drink more wine???? I used the plastic corks for the base around the outside and inside of the wreaths.  True corks are used for the all over look then. 
I need to go to Michael's and pick up some grapes with my coupons.  Put a big bow on them and they are finished.  
These are some of the plastic corks that I did not use on the wreaths and made little horses.  They will get eyes, a mane and tail made from yarn and a string hanger to become Christmas tree ornaments
I will get these finished and publish a picture later.  Happy Trails!

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