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Monday, April 4, 2011

Birthday Party

Steve and Tre' hosted my birthday party Sunday night.  They served stuffed mushroom and a vegetable plate for appetizers.  Dinner was lasagna, salad brought by Mike and Theresa and garlic cheese bread.  Deb brought the birthday cake.  It was a Carrot Cake! My favorite.
Mike and Theresa gave me a Starbucks gift card.  We like to walk to Starbucks on the weekends and have a cup of coffee along with one of their many tasty items.  Steve and Tre' gave me a gift card to my favorite salon.  I will be making an appointment for a pedicure very soon.  Deb gave me a Belleek cream pitcher.  
Here are my two favorite guys helping me blow out the candles.  That Carrot Cake was awesome.  Sam is 12 and Jack is 9.  We had a storm blow through at 4AM.  We got 1.5 inches of rain which we needed badly.  I won't be playing golf this morning so maybe Pat and I will take in a movie later.  Tonight we go to Bailey's for another birthday party.  
Thanks for stopping by. 

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  1. How nice is that!! Great gifts, all of them. Have a great time at Bailey's and have a martini for me.