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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dealing with an Eye Sore!

 Last week I took this picture for my blog and when 
I looked at it, the light blue and navy boot 3rd down on the left looked out of place.  
I decided to embroider our monograms and the date on it.  

 Close up of the embroidery.

This looks better to me but I still  may add some embroidery under the monograms. 
 I will have to look at it for this week.  
Do you think it looks better?  
Thanks for stopping by...


  1. Fantastic idea, to embroider the block! There is still room to add more, if you want to put a little something between the initials and the date.

  2. How fun! This is going to be a quilt that will always make you smile. Thanks for sharing the progress!

  3. I didn't notice it to begin with, but I can see how the fabric might look a little plain in comparison, and I think the embroidery will solve that problem. Love this quilt!

  4. Good call on the light boot. This is just such a cute top!