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Monday, October 4, 2010

Beautiful Day in McKinney

This morning I worked in the garage on my crafts for the St. Gabriel's Bazaar.  I had 13 of these Candy Canes ready for the Bazaar.  A neighbor stopped over and bought 4 of them and another neighbor came over and bought 3. So I only have 6 left to take to the Bazaar on November 6th.  
I need to keep the garage door closed.
Two of my golfing friends joined me at 12:20 for a round of golf. 

This is Hole # 12 which is a par 3.  Can you see my ball right in line with the flag pole.  Carol is a little to the right of the flag.  We both had birdies!!!  

This is the final hole.  You can see my ball  just left of the flag pole about 8 feet.  I sunk it for Par.  It was a fun round of golf.  Golf League is tomorrow and we tee off at 8:30.  
Hope it isn't as chilly as it was this morning at that hour.
Thanks for stopping by.  Sheila

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  1. I hope your score was as good as those two shots! Nice job.