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Friday, October 22, 2010


Pat and I went downtown last night to the opening of "Gather".  We did a walk through and they were serving flavored water and appetizers.  Needless to say we did not stay.  We ended up going up to the Pub for a glass of wine and splitting a hamburger.  Today I worked on these little bags to hang on the Christmas Tree.   I received this from my Sister a couple of years ago for Christmas.  It is so cute.  The saying on the bag goes like this:

 To My Sister
A Tissue for all the tears we have shared, happy and sad.
A Nut for all the nutty things we've done, and the times you drove me nuts!!!
A Bag of Dirt for all the times we got grounded.
A Toothpick, cuz I'm thankful God picked you for my sister.
A Heart because I love you.
A Hug and Kiss for my sister and my friend.

So inside the bag is a Tissue, Nut, Bag of Dirt, Toothpick, Heart, and Hug & Kiss.

I am making about 20 of these for the bazaar. 
I sewed the little bags today and attached the saying on the outside.  Now I just need to fill them up and tie a piece of jute around the top.  Another project done!


  1. What a great idea, although I don't think my girls care enough about each other to do something like this. hee hee hee