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Monday, October 3, 2011

Candy Canes and Lunch with Pat

 Here is a picture of the 15 Candy Canes that I completed this weekend with the help of Steve and Tre'.  Now to put the greenery and bows on them and they will be ready for the bazaar. 
I think I mentioned that Pat and I went out to lunch last week.  
Here is a picture of us in the restaurant.
It was a good time and yes we did have a little wine!  
Today there is no school, so we have Jack all day.  
Sam just called and wants me to take him to school at 3:15 
to get ready for his football game tonight at 7PM. 
It will be a beautiful night sitting on the bleachers.  
I have been working in the garage most of the day.  
I will take pictures of my completed project in a couple of days.  
Thanks for stopping by!

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