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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dickens of a Christmas

Granddaughter Reese at the Petting Zoo in downtown McKinney.  She is petting the little spotted goat.
Reese loved the llama.  
Petting the miniature donkey. 
Baby Pot Belly Pigs she really liked.  They were trying to get away from the crowd.  
Today we are putting up the Christmas Tree.  
Dave and Steve are going golfing at 1:30. 
 Angie, Theresa and Tre' are going to the "Breaking Dawn Part 1" movie. 
 Sage, Jake and Papa are going to Cabella's.  
Nana, Reese, Jack and Sam will be staying put and finish decorating the tree.  
After the movie we will be making some Christmas ornaments. Tonight we will be having ham for dinner along with Cheesy potatoes that Sage has requested. 
Thanks for stopping by.  

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