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Friday, November 25, 2011


We set the table for 16!!!  This year we brined the turkey in an Apple Juice Brine.  
I got the recipe out of the Dallas Morning News.  
Son Steve is carving the turkey.  
He stepped up to the plate of carving the turkey about 5 years ago and has become great at it.  
Thanks Steve for taking on this job.
Here are our two oldest grandchildren.  Sage and Jake.  
We love having them here.  
Sage is from Dallas and Jake is from Omaha.  
He will be with us until Sunday.
Deb, Theresa and Tre' having a glass of wine and watching the carving of the turkey. 
 I can tell they are ready to dig in to all the food.  
We have five dogs with us this weekend.  Brownie, Lucy, Waverly, Lily and Daisy.  
Sage's dogs, Grunt and Tug stayed in Dallas...  Thank you Sage. 
 Today we will all be watching the Nebraska/Iowa Game.  
This evening we are going to downtown McKinney for the 
Tree lighting ceremony and possibly grab a bite to eat.
Hope your Thanksgiving was a special as ours.  
Thanks for stopping by.

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