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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Ready for St. Patrick's Day

I entertained my "GAME NITE GALS" on February 29th with a Corned Beef and Cabbage Dinner.
So I decorated a little early this year for the holiday.  
I love this plate because I can erase the script and change the bow for the next holiday.

 My front door Shamrock with the plague that says "Irish You a Happy St. Patrick's Day".  
This is hanging in my dining room.  It is an old postcard front and back on a plaque.  
My neighbor gave this to me last year for my birthday.  
I have yet to get up to the little shop in Celina where she bought it.  
Thank you once again Kim.  
These four Irish gnomes are from Pat's collection.  
Some day I will take a picture of them all to show you.
The one in front is called Monaghan, then left to right is Blarney, Danny and McCormick.
This is my centerpiece for the dining room table.  
The "Peggy Carr" plate on the stand is from my friend Pam.
I moved it into the kitchen along with the little postcard on the silver tray.
This is my carpenters box that sits on my kitchen counter full of Shamrocks!
I love these shamrock doilies that I ordered from "Terry's Village" catalog.  
I must have about 6 of them spread around the house.  
Yesterday I went to the store and bought the Corned Beef so I am ready for St. Patrick's Day. 
 Thanks for stopping by. 

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