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Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Weekend

Rich and Debbie flew in from Omaha to spend the weekend with us.  
They are always so much fun!
Thursday night we took them to Whiskey Cake in Plano and, of course, 
Pat and Debbie split the Whiskey Cake for dessert.  
Friday morning Debbie and I went shopping in downtown McKinney and we spotted this sign in a store window.  I'm going to have to make that some day.  
She purchased a pair of Cowboy boots and I can't believe I did not take a picture of them.  Really cute!  
We met the guys at 11:45 at "Sauce" for lunch.  
After lunch Debbie and I made a stop at Hobby Lobby for a few crafts items and then home to start crafting.
Debbie re frosted this glass block and painted the Shamrock on it for me. 
 I just love it. 
Debbie brought me this lighted wine bottle.  She made it.  The label has Fitzgerald at the top, a picture of an Irish Pub and then at the bottom of the label is March 17, 2012 along with their name under the date.  
What a great gift.

So we preceded to drink wine, wash out the bottles, drilled holes in them and decorated 4 bottles to give to our children as St. Patrick's Day gifts.  We had a family dinner party here on Sunday night with Corned Beef and Cabbage and they all were delighted with their wine bottles.  
It was a great weekend!  
Thanks Rich and Debbie for coming to see us.  
We enjoyed every minute of it.

Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. As always, thanks so much for having us. It's always a GREAT time!!! Love You!