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Wednesday, January 30, 2013


 My friend Debbie sent me a picture of a cork heart she made.  
Since I have lots and lots of corks I decided to make one.   
I think I am going to keep it up all year.  
I will be hanging it in my kitchen.  
  I crafted these hearts made from brown paper wrap.  
The little red heart on the jute bow is a heart yoyo.  
A couple of these hearts are going to Omaha for Abbie to give to her teacher 
and for Reese to give to her caretaker.
I had to hang one in my kitchen. 
 I have a few more yoyo hearts left so will probably make a few more.
Are you getting ready for Valentine's Day?  
Thanks for stopping by...  

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  1. Your heart turned out great!!! I love the paper ones as well, great idea, I may just steal it. hee hee hee