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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Primary Colors and Fields of Iowa

 About a month ago I saw this scrappy quilt block on a blog.  
When making quilts you tend to have lots of  l, 2, and 3 inch stripes left over so
 I went to my scrap basket and pulled them all out and got busy with my iron.  
The center stripe is old fabric from my Mom.  It used to be curtains.  
I love how it all came together.
 I made 30 blocks and spread them out on the floor.  
I did not like the left side of the quilt so I went back to the scrap basket and made more blocks.  
I am calling this quilt "Primary Colors".
 I finished it off with a 2 1/2 inch border.  
Now it is ready for the quilter.
 We drove to Iowa for an Aunt's funeral in June and I loved seeing all the different green colors in the fields.  They have had so much rain in Iowa and the crops looked beautiful.  I got the idea to another scrappy stripped quilt and calling it "Fields of Iowa".  I had picked up a lot of Shamrock fabric over the years and knew I could work it all into this quilt.   
 A close up picture of some of the squares with the shamrock fabric added into the block.
 Surprising how much green fabric I had in my drawer.   
I used the black fabric as the center stripe in this quilt 
representing the good black dirt you find in Iowa.  
Here are 13 blocks laid out that I made yesterday.  
The "Primary Colors" quilt has 48 blocks so 
I will be heading back to the sewing machine today.  
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  1. Primary Colors is a fun quilt! I'm waiting to see the green finished. I love the green! Happy quilting.

  2. I have a basket full of random strips, just waiting for a project like that!

  3. Both colorways are beautiful!