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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve we went to Deb's house and were treated to a Mexican Feast.  Shannon from Chicago and Kevin from Austin are here for the holiday.  I took some pictures of Deb's front porch.  It is a very welcoming site.
This trio of Snow people welcomed us at the front door.
This wagon full of lighted jar was so warming as we walked up the front steps.

This big sleigh was on the left side of the front door.  Deb's Dad built this for her years ago. 

This lovely wreath with the driftwood Santa is hanging on the front door. 

Shannon and Kevin were waiting inside with champagne and berries.  

Kevin, Sam and Kevin's dog Callie playing Twister!!!

Pat and Shannon enjoying a glass of champagne.

Our hosts!!!!  Deb is on the left, Shannon almost ready for another glass of Champagne.  Kevin on the right.

Mike and Sam looking at the last stuffed mushroom on the counter. 

Pat and the boys.  I wish I had asked Kevin to look at the camera!

Steve, Tre' and Jack also wanting to grab the last stuffed mushroom!
I am ending this post with the nativity set by Isabelle Bloom.  Deb has this beneath her Christmas Tree.  I had to add the candle for light.  Tomorrow I will post about the Christmas brunch at Steve and Tre's house and also our Christmas Dinner here tonight.  
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  1. Merry Christmas! The pictures are wonderful. I especially like Deb's decorations outside, what a great idea with the wagon. It's all beautiful.