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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Busy Week and weekend

We entertained our Dinner Out Club on the 19th.  Above I am roasting the tomatoes and garlic for an appetizer.  I sliced the Roma Tomatoes and laid them on the parchment paper with slices of garlic, a little Rosemary Olive Oil, Balsamic Vinegar and salt and pepper.  Bake at 250 degrees for maybe an hour.  I don't remember because I was working in the kitchen and just watched the oven so nothing burned. 
This is my table with the relish tray, olive tray and the cheese board with the Herb Cheese and Saga Cheese accompanied with dried apricots, dates, roasted pecans, roasted tomatoes & garlic and pesto.  If you have not tried the Saga cheese rush right out and get some.  I would describe it as a blue cheese brei.  I don't like blue cheese but this is awesome.
Marlene my good friend from Phoenix in the Navy outfit was here for our dinner out party and met several of our friends. 
This is the quilt that Marlene brought with her to McKinney.  It is for her nephew Josh and his bride.  She brought extra fabric and I suggested we make it big enough for their queen size bed.  So we had to add 10 more blocks.  After taking Garland to the airport early Friday Morning for her trip back to Fremont, NE. we got busy making those squares.  We spent most of the weekend and all of Monday completing this task.  We took Marlene to the airport on Tuesday afternoon.  "Quilts by Jules" will be doing the quilting and I will deliver the quilt to Marlene this summer when we will meet in Iowa to visit our Mothers.  We had a wonderful and a very, very busy St. Patrick's Day Week!

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