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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Easter decorations

I spent this week decorating for Easter.  I had made Easter Egg Table toppers for all of our kids and presented the toppers to them last Christmas.  After getting out my Easter decorations, I could not find the Easter Egg Topper for the kitchen table.  So Thursday and Friday I made a few more Easter Toppers.
Here is the one I chose to put on my kitchen table along with a basket of carrots I also made last year.
Here are a few more decorations that I have around the house.
This is the carrot table topper that I made for each child.  The basket of little carrots are made from the Salt Dough recipe and then just painted orange with a hole on top of the carrot to glue some green rafia for the stems.
Pat took me to Galena, IL almost 20 years ago for my birthday.  We stopped in the Amana Colonies and bought several dozen Amana eggs. I have saved them from year to year.  The furniture makers in the Amana Colonies make these colored eggs with their leftover glue and wax that they color at the end of the day.  They roll the boiled eggs in the mixer. 
Here are a few more of the Amana Eggs.  I store them away in Egg Cartons and they will dry and last forever it you don't crack them.  

My daughter and I love dishes.  My birthday always falls around Easter so she has given me lots of cute plates.  I forgot to take a picture of another set.  That will come later.  
This is a picture of my dining room table.  I have plans to make a quilted topper for this table and change out the egg tree for a ceramic garden rabbit with wheelbarrow. The little white rabbits are 35 years old.  I made them in ceramics.  There is one for each of our children with their names on the bottom.  
Happy Trails to you!


  1. I love the orange one, it's beautiful. But they all look good.

  2. you can never have too many easter dishes. xoAnge