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Monday, February 25, 2013

This and That

 Debbie, from Omaha, coveted my ostrich egg when she was here last weekend.  
So I called my sister in law, Deb and asked her to get me one more.  She brought me 4!  
She wants one and so does Terrie who owns the Ostrich.  So this past weekend I boiled eggs.  
I found the stands at Goodwill in Keller while I visited with Bonnie and Marcia this past Tuesday.
 While at Marcia's I took a picture and pattern of the Shamrock she made for her front door.  
I have mine made but have not hung it yet.  I will do that today. 
 I did change my horseshoes around so that all the luck is not falling out!
 This is the project Marcia and Bon were working on when I went over to see them Tuesday.  
Marcia got a new Silhoutte Cameo for Christmas and is having fun with it.  
They cover this whole wall with this Rod Stewart song.  
I can't wait to visit and see the finished project.  
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