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Sunday, December 30, 2012


 It was cold and snowy when I took down the Christmas decorations 
so I decided to put out the Snowmen for January.  
I can tell you where I got each one.  
Deb's Mom made me the gray mitten one on the back left.  
A friend in Fremont made the one on the right with the red knitted hat.
The little ones up front  I made from Salt Dough.  
This little arrangement is in my Great Room.
 Here are 8 more sitting in the niche.  
Deb's dad made the tall one on the left in the back.  
Another friend of mine in Fremont made me the tall one on the right.  
The one on the far left with the colored row of buttons was also given to me by a friend in Fremont.

 So many Snowman.  
I am so glad it snowed in McKinney this year and 
I was able to get them out of their box and display them.  
The snowman on the back counter was given to me this year by my sister Marcia.  
The three on the Island I bought from Terry's Treasures a couple of years ago. 
It is still unseasonably cold for us today.   My snowmen won't melt!!!
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